10 Genius Exercises to Lose Upper Thigh Fat in Less Than 7 Days

Do you want to lose upper thigh
fat? This post will take you through the best exercises to lose upper
thigh fat quickly in just one week.

If you are looking for
exercises to help you lose weight in a specific area of the body without
affecting other areas of your body, then you will never find one but
while you can’t do one exercise to target just one specific body part,
there are certain exercises that focus more on leg strength and
endurance than other areas of the body.

So if you’re looking to
strengthen and tone your thighs, What you will get are exercises that
target your thighs and also tone your legs to give you a skinny leg.
Shaping, toning, and strengthening your thigh muscles is good for you.


The good news is that other areas of your body like your core and can also benefit from these exercises.

If you work from home or have your own office space, then consider
getting a Fitdesk If you haven’t heard of a Fitdesk before, it’s
basically an exercise bike with a built in-tray that holds your laptop
and foam rollers that support your arms while typing.

there’s also the Fitdesk Under Desk Elliptical. This is a less
intrusive option, perfect for shared office spaces or if you’d just
rather not be sitting at a bike to work (I prefer the elliptical option,
personally.) Despite your daily workout routine, you might have noticed
that you are still not able to lose thigh fat. The reality is that many
thigh workout routines simply don’t include exercise regimes that are
specifically targeted at helping you lose upper thigh fat.

should be noted that when you exercise, the body burns fat evenly across
the body. Thus, you lose weight equally from the whole body. Because
thigh fat is a truly troublesome area of your body.

Many exercise routines do not actually target the troublesome area of the thighs. Most people notice that even though they lose body fat all over their body, the fat on the thigh remains.

you are experiencing that problem, then you are in the right place.
This article will discuss the best exercises to slim thigh fat fast.
With the perfect moves and persistence, you would get the slim, fabulous
and loving thighs that you have always desired.

Health Benefits of Exercise

  • Boost your immunity
  • Control your weight and boost your fitness
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Reduce your risk of some cancers
  • It actually reduces fatigue and boosts your hormones
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Boost your mental health and mood etc…

Before we get started, let me tell you the causes of thigh fat.

What are the Causes of Thigh Fat?

  • Adulthood
  • Lack of exercise
  • Diet can contribute to it
  • Gender can be apart of it

Best Exercises To Lose Upper Thigh Fat in 7 days

are ten workouts that are proven that will make you lose upper thigh
fat in just a week. They focus on the most cellulite-prone thighs area. I
utilized my budget-friendly home gym, You should try these exercises
at least five times a week.

What You’ll Need: A light workout gear, A gym timer (free apps are available for download), and A floor mat to lay on the floor. If you’d like to get these workout gears, you can purchase from Amazon.

1. Forward Lunges

single leg exercises through a full range of motion while standing,
just like you would do while doing bodyweight lunges, is an excellent
way to reduce fat in your inner thighs. You start by standing with your
feet placed together, and then you go down one knee while stretching out
the other leg until your thigh is parallel to the ground.

2. Leg Close and Opening

exercise is as simple as it sounds. You start by Lying down on your
back lifting both legs in the air to form a 90° angle to the floor.
Then, you slowly spread your legs to form “V-shape.”

Make sure you
spread the legs as wide as possible until you feel the tension. Now,
gently close your legs back together while you are still in that
position. Return to starting position and repeat several times.

3. Gate Swings

The gate swing is also a great
exercise that trains your thighs, legs, glutes and core muscles. You
stay in a squat position with your palms placed on each knee.

Then you stand upright with your left leg behind your right leg.

You then go back to the squat position and stand again, this time with the right leg behind your left leg.

4. Leg Circling

start the exercise by lying down on your back and raising a leg until
it is above you and it points at the ceiling. Move the leg around in
circles about five times clockwise, then switch and rotate it five times
counterclockwise. Do the same for the other leg and repeat the process
about four-five times.

5. Cossack Squat

exercise is a challenging one. It helps to improve the flexibility and
mobility of the lower body and helps you shape your thighs from every

You start by standing with your legs apart. Then you bend
first to the left with the right leg well stretched and your palms on
your left knee. Then you stand upright, still with your legs spread out
and then bend to the right side with your left leg stretched out and
your palms on your right knee.

6. Plies Exercise

exercise is one that ballet dancers often do and it works very fine for
shaping and slimming your thighs. The exercise is done by basically
squatting with your toes pointing outward at a 45-degree angle. It works
to reduce your inner thigh fat and helps you stay fit.

7. Leg Pulses

start by lying on your left side while bending your right leg such that
your knee and hip form a straight line. Extend your left leg with your
toes pointing forward.

Then you slowly lift your left leg from off the floor while your right leg remains in its position.

sure you keep your left leg moving up and down and do not let it touch
the ground so that you create tension. Return to the starting position
and repeat several times.

8. Frog Jumps

frog jump is an exercise that involves repeated stretching which helps
you burn calories both during and after the exercise. Doing this
exercise tightens, sculpts and also slims down the thighs.

start by squatting with your two hands touching the ground in front of
you in between your legs and then you jump, raising both hands. Ensure
that when you jump, your feet leave the ground.

9. Climbing Stairs

all know how to climb stairs, yeah? But do you know those climbing
stairs is one of the best exercises to lose upper thigh fat? For this
exercise, you can get a step machine to use or stair master. Even you
would be surprised at the excellent results you would get in such a
short time.

10. Diamond Kicks

this exercise by lying down with your legs stretched up in an angle 90°
from the floor. Bend your knees such that your feet touch each other
and your legs form a diamond shape. Then spread your legs wide. Repeat
the process over and again. This is also an awesome.


  • Start your exercises with quick warm up.
  • Make sure you do 5-6 sets of each exercise at 30-seconds to 1-minute each.
  • Finish the exercises with a lower body stretching routine.
  • Eat a proper diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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