10 things every husband secretly hates about his wife!

Hate is a strong word. But it might not be strong enough to
adequately describe how much your husband cares for you. Yes, you read
that last part right. Confused yet? Read on.He may not always express
it, but here are 10 things your husband absolutely hates:

He hates when you’re in pain

When you’re in pain,
your husband is, too – maybe even more so than you, because he can’t
stand to see you suffering. He would change places with you in a
heartbeat if he could. All he can do is try to help you get through
whatever battle you’re facing. Don’t fight it alone. Let him be there
for you.


He hates to see you cry

Nothing cuts deeper
than when a husband sees his wife cry. He’s heard you silently sobbing
in the bathroom when you think he’s still asleep. He isn’t. He knows how
much you have on your plate and wants to reach out to you, but he
doesn’t always know how. Let him know what he can do to help lighten
your load. If anything, cry together — not alone.


He hates when you’re away from him

husband misses you like crazy when you’re gone. He might not fess up to
it, but it’s true. He’s constantly thinking about you when either of
you has to go out of town. That’s why his favorite part of each day is
coming home.After all, he really married you for one reason: because he
wants to spend as much time with you as he can.


He hates when you don’t believe in yourself

husband isn’t with you because he thinks you’re perfect; he’s with you
because he sees the potential you have. While you may be focused on your
insecurities, he’s focused on your strengths. He knows how great you
are and it breaks his heart to see you lose confidence in yourself.


He hates when someone doesn’t treat you right

are naturally protective. This is why it makes their blood boil to see
someone take advantage of you or not treat you right. Sometimes this
might even seem like a bigger deal to him than it is to you. Just know
that he reacts this way because he loves you and can’t understand why
somebody would disrespect the most important person in his life.


He hates when you feel you have to become a different person in order to make him happy

is constantly feeding us false ideas of what the ideal wife or woman
should be like. If you married the right guy, he won’t expect you to
live up to those fake standards. He loves you for who you are. He
doesn’t want you to transform into what youthink he likes – into a
completely different person. Just be yourself.


He hates to see you fail

husband wants you to succeed and he hates it when things don’t work out
for you. Unlike anyone else, he sees all the time and effort you put
into your various interests. He knows how hard you work.Failure is part
of life, but just remember that your husband is always there to help you
try again.


He hates when you are ashamed of your body or don’t feel pretty enough

their lives, women’s bodies change in ways men can’t even comprehend.
This is especially true when children come into the picture. But believe
it or not, your husband didn’t just marry you for your body. He also
fell in love with your sense of humor, your kind heart and the way you
make him feel.Sure, your husband notices and appreciates your desire to
look and feel your best — but this isn’t everything to him. He hates to
see you compare yourself to other women or when you feel down about the
way you look.


He hates when he causes your heart to break

probably asking yourself, “If he hates it then why does he do it?” The
truth is that most of the time he doesn’t mean to. Like every human
being, he doesn’t always think before he speaks. If he does
intentionally do or say something in the heat of the moment, he
undoubtedly regrets it later. He knows he has your heart, and the last
thing he wants to do is break it.


He hates when you aren’t happy

entire list can be summed up into the only one true thing your husband
hates: when you are unhappy. Period. As the central source of his
happiness, he wants this same joy for you in your life. So give him a
break the next time he messes up or does something dumb. All the things
he truly hates show how much he really loves you.

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