15 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Perfect For Diabetics

Sweet potatoes are a particular type of potatoes from the same order as
regular ones with the difference that they are part of different species
and a different family. You can find sweet potatoes in a variety of

The most frequently found are the ones with white-cream and
yellow-orange color. There are also sweet potatoes with purple flesh.
Sweet potatoes are extremely abundant in antioxidants. The most
important thing about them is that they possess some excellent
nutritional values.


15 nutritious facts:

1. Sweet potatoes are an excellent choice for diabetics. They contain
natural sugars that are able to decrease and stabilize the insulin
resistance in diabetics, so they are also good for the regulation of the
sugar levels.

2. Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fibers and we all know they are
good for digestion. They also prevent colon cancer and help against

3. Sweet potatoes contain carotenoids which help in producing Vitamin A.
This vitamin is able to regenerate the respiratory system. People with
respiratory problems, especially smokers should consume sweet potatoes
more often.

4. Vitamin D is also a part of sweet potatoes. This vitamin is good for
the teeth, heart, skin, bones, energy levels as well as for the normal
function of the thyroid gland.

5. Potassium can really help in the improvement of the heart
functioning. This vitamin lowers the impact of the sodium, regulates the
blood pressure and balances the electrolytes.

The sweet potato possesses Vitamin B6 that prevents heart attacks, strokes and degenerative diseases.

6. The potassium in the sweet potatoes is excellent for healthy tissues
and muscles. It also helps in reducing swelling and cramps, provides
with energy and relaxes the muscles, but it can also regulate heartbeats
and nerve signals.

7. Beta –carotene that’s also present in the sweet potato acts like an
anti –oxidant. It helps with arthritis, gout and asthma, protects
against lung and breast cancer and it also reduces aging effects.

8. Sweet potatoes are rich in folic acid, necessary for a healthy fetal
development. Pregnant women should consume more sweet potatoes.

9. The potassium content in potatoes increases the flow of oxygen,
regulates the balance of the body’s water and normalizes the heartbeats.
The magnesium content on the other hand acts as an anti-stress agent.

10. Vitamin C is crucial for the entire body’s function and sweet potatoes are abundant in it.

11. Sweet potatoes are also rich in iron that has a crucial role in the
producing of red and white blood cells. That’s why they help against

12. You can use the water from the boiled potatoes for treating your
skin, especially for irritation of the skin, cleaning the pores and
absorbing impurities.

The Vitamin C contained in the sweet potato is able to produce collagen
while the vitamin E will help in the improvement of the complexion of
the skin. The anthocyanins will help you in removing wrinkles and
purifying the dark circles around the eyes.

13. Painful pre-menstrual symptoms will be soothed with the help of the iron and manganese in sweet potatoes.

14. If you’re having problems with damaged hair and dandruff, the
beta-carotene will prevent them and at the same time, it will stimulate
hair growth.

15. Sweet potatoes have an abundance of the vitamins vital for the
enzyme, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, try to consume them more
often. But, in case you have ever had oxalate urinary tract stones,
consult a doctor first

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