DIY Natural Sinus Relief Body Balm

Are you searching for a natural
way to clear up your sinus? We’ll show you how to make a natural sinus
relief body balm that works wonders. It’s easy too!

your own balms or salves to use in your household may seem a bit
daunting at first, if you’ve never tried it. That’s why a lot of people
buy a pre-made sinus relief balm instead. There are many recipes out
there on the web, though, and some are much more complicated than


If you are using dried herbs in your salves (like this
Calendula Lavender Salve) rather than essential oils, they take more
time and work. They also require a lot more product as well since dried
herbs cost more per dose and give much less potency than an essential
oil does.

Using only essential oils for the scent and their
therapeutic uses is cost effective. You get much more bang for your buck
since a 15 mL bottle of essential oil gives you 250 drops, plus it
saves you time, energy and effort.

This recipe uses just a few
ingredients in the base and then adds in the essential oils. It works
more effectively as a topical treatment than just the oils by themselves
because it stays there for a much longer time. So if you’re using a
salve for a use like clearing your breathing and natural sinus relief,
it works great over a longer period of time.

The oils used in this
natural sinus relief recipe all have some wonderful benefits for your
body and more than just the ones they are in this recipe for.

essential oil is great for anything related to sinuses and respiratory
relief. It helps clear the sinuses and get rid of mucous while being
having antibacterial properties. I love using it to increase focus and
memory retention. It is easily a favorite oil for its many uses and for
its aroma too.

Lemon essential oil cleanses and helps open you up,
and the scent is wonderful, too! It’s very uplifting, which is
something we all need when we’re not feeling 100%.

essential oil is one you will hear in relation to anything that has to
do with your breathing since it works so well for clearing your
respiratory system. Just inhaling the scent right out of the bottle will
give you instant relief if you are stuffy!

Lastly, the lavender
essential oil is added to help calm the body and mind. It’s also
soothing to the skin and it does help relieve the symptoms that go with
respiratory issues as well. You can never go wrong using lavender!

This natural sinus relief body
balm recipe makes about 3 to 6 containers, but of course it depends
totally on the size you’re using. I used some upcycled balm containers I
had saved from a lip balm I use, because they are nice tin, and easy to
open and close.

You can find smaller containers online in glass
or plastic as well, but plastic is not recommended with the use of
citrus essential oils as it can literally break those toxins down and
then they will be in the balm itself. Yuck!

Some people still choose to go with plastic though. If you do, make sure you use it quickly and keep it out of the sunlight.


  • Double boiler
  • 1.5 oz. beeswax pastilles
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil or jojoba oil
  • 12 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 6 drops lemon essential oil
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil
  • 3 to 7 lip balm containers with lids (metal, glass or plastic)
  • Round labels, if desired



  1. To start, fill the bottom half of your double boiler’s pot to about one-half full, and place over medium high heat.
  2. Then, add your beeswax to the top half of the double boiler. Stir it occasionally to be sure the beeswax is breaking up.
  3. While
    the pan is heating to melt the beeswax, measure out the coconut oil and
    the sweet almond oil to have them all ready. It is not good to overheat
    the beeswax, because you want to take advantage of its great health
    benefits, and they will be lost if it is burned.
  4. You can also go ahead and line up the containers also and have them set to go to help with that as well.
  5. You
    will need to melt your beeswax until it is a clear consistency, with no
    lumps in it, and then you can add in the coconut oil, too, blending
    until there are no lumps. This only takes a minute or two.
  6. Now add the almond oil and stir in.
  7. Once
    these three ingredients are all blended and melted nicely, and there
    are no lumps or chunks left, you can go ahead and turn off the heat.
  8. Add
    in all of the essential oils. Carefully count each drop as you add them
    since some of these are runnier oils and they can run pour quickly into
    that pot!
  9. Mix well and then you are all ready to pour the
    mixture into your balm containers. Pour the mixture slowly and leave
    just a bit of room at the top of each container.
  10. Allow them to
    cool at room temperature and away from sunlight for close to an hour.
    Once they are completely cooled, place the lids on. Feel the bottom
    center of the container to see if it has cooled and if it is, you’re
    good to go.
  11. Now all you need is to make yourself some cute
    labels and you are done! They make great gifts and favors for others,
    too. Perfect stocking stuffers!


How To Use Your Natural Sinus Relief Body Balm:

  • Place
    a small pea sized amount on your fingers and rub onto the chest, neck
    or dot under the nose for natural sinus relief. The balm can also be put
    on the temples or the back of the neck if you are having stuffiness all
    over the head as well.
  • Be sure to rub the salve in well.
  • You can also use a warm compress over the on the chest to help boost the relief.

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