How to Lose 15 Pounds in 7 Days with the Cucumber Diet

Cucumbers are an essential food to
any healthy diet. Not only are cucumbers nutritional, but they are also
great for making you feel full, since they are a vegetable, and are
thus full of dietary fibers.

Eating cucumbers every week is also
great for cleaning your gastrointestinal tract, and they can stimulate
your metabolism. Today we are going to be reviewing the 7-day cucumber
diet, which was claimed to help people lose up to 15 pounds (that’s 7
kg’s) in a single week.

Here’s What to Eat for Breakfast

is one of the most important meals of the day. To have a great
breakfast according to the cucumber diet, you need to combine one plate
of cucumber salad, together with 2 to 3 hardboiled eggs. Remember the
eat the yolk and the white in the eggs.

Cucumber Snacks

diet needs to have snacks, for those times when your blood sugar falls
and you are craving for some food. For snacking while on the cucumber
diet, you can have 5 plums, 1 big apple or 1 peach (that weighs less
than 200 grams).

The Perfect Lunch

lunch on the cucumber diet may not be what you’ve been used it. The
lunch is going to be severely lacking in calories, but that’s so you can
lose weight in a fast manner. Remember, you need to only do the diet
for a week in order to lose 15 pounds.

How to Make the Lunch

making a tasty lunch, you need to combine one piece of toasted wheat
bread with a bowl of cucumber salad. The cucumber salad is basically a
single large piece of cucumber, cut up into small slices. You can add
olive oil to the salad.

More Information Regarding the Cucumber Salad

is a bit more information on how to properly make a delicious cucumber
salad. After getting a single large or two medium-sized pieces of
cucumber, you need to cut them up into small slices. After that, place
the slices into a bowl.

Add Sour Milk or Yogurt

the sliced up pieces of cucumber have been placed in a large bowl, you
can add 200 ml (that’s 6-7 oz.) of sour milk or yogurt. This is going to
give the salad a very nice texture and fluidity. Plus it’s going to mix
with the other ingredients in an awesome manner.

Add Some Fresh Onion

you have properly mixed the sour milk or yogurt with the sliced up
pieces of cucumber, you can now add a single piece of onion to the
salad. Onion is an excellent addition to both sour milk and yogurt, as
it enhances their flavor.

The Final Addition

you have completed all the previous steps, you can now freely add any
amount of salt that suits your needs. Note that the less salt you use in
your cooking, the better the food is going to be for your health. Salt
increases both water retention and your blood pressure.

Peeling the Cucumber

people peel the cucumber before slicing it into the bowl. This is
usually done for health reasons, since many fruits and vegetables may be
carrying preservatives on their skin. On the other hand, the
vegetable’s skin is where most of the vitamins and miners are.

Eating the Cucumber Raw

you are willing to “risk” it metaphorically speaking, you might end up
with a healthier food profile is slice the cucumber with its skin. You
should probably try out both methods and see which one suits you best –
different people have different needs.

Remember to Mix Well

order to make this salad have an awesome taste, it is important to mix
it well. Both the slices and the onion need to be cut up into small
pieces so that they mash up in the sour milk or yogurt. The salt can be
added last to the mix.

About the Cucumber Shake

cucumber salad and a piece of toasted bread are not enough for most
adults. Plus everyone likes to have a shake from time to time. The good
news is that the cucumber salad also included a “cucumber shake” that
you can drink on a daily basis.

How to Make a Cucumber Shake

make a cucumber shake, you need to start off with a single piece of
cucumber – you can even use a small piece of cucumber for this tasty
meal. Next, to the cucumber, you can also add an apple and even a
handful of washed spinach.

Blending Them Altogether

you have the cucumber, apple, and washed spinach, you can now blend all
of these ingredients together. Once they have been blended, you can add
a little bit of fresh ginger in order to enhance the flavor. Consume
the shake while it is fresh.

Eating Fruit for Dinner

is an excellent bit of information for all the sweet food lovers – you
can have 300 grams (that’s around half a pound) of fruit for dinner,
every day while on the cucumber diet. The fruit can be of any type –
included apples, bananas, and peaches.

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