Mend Your Cracked Feet Fast With This Incredible Homemade Paste

In the event that you happen to search for an approach to enhance the
look and prosperity of your feet, look no more since we have the best
thing for you here! Continue perusing to perceive how to make and
utilize this glue, and your feet will look unfathomable. 

Maybe you’ve attempted a few home-made cures sooner or later of your
life, or you’ve heard that said cures can enable you to take care of
your concern, yet all without incredible outcomes. 

Try not to stress, this is a formula that will definitely enable you to
dispose of the splits on your feet utilizing only a couple of fixings. 


  1. – 10 headache medicine pills (300 mg) 
  2. – 250 ml scouring liquor (75%) 


Crush the headache medicine pills and afterward blend them with the
scouring liquor and abandon it like that for one or 2 days. Shake the
blend every night. 

Absorb a bandage the blend, put it on your feet, wrap your feet with a
nylon pack and put your socks on. Abandon it for the night. 

Wash your feet with warm water, dry them and smear some sustaining cream
or glycerin. Rehash this treatment multiple times and you’ll be
astounded by the outcomes.

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