Never do this during your period!

When menstruation comes, don’t ask if you have a wedding, a special date or appointment, a 15-hour flight or a car ride … those days are the most painful and uncomfortable days for a woman, and if you’re not a housewife It can be more painful.
There are many other medications, tips, and tricks to eliminate abdominal pain, back pain, and headaches. But it is also very important to pay more attention to your personal hygiene and general health at the moment because you are losing blood, your bodies are more open and your immune system is a little broken compared to the other days of the month. .

Here are some habits you should get rid of especially during menstruation.
Do not use wax during menstruation

Don’t make any more unwanted pain, as you can extend the waxing cycle by another two days.

Love with your partner
If you think you are safe and may be unprotected during your period – you are very wrong. In addition, your internal organs are more prone to infections and bacteria during menstruation!

Use a towel for a long time
Even if your pillows don’t have blood or secrets, change them every 3 hours. Again, invisible infections can attack your organs at a time when your body is mostly fragile.
Take sleeping pills if necessary
Because menstrual cramps can be quite severe at times, sleep is even more important during your cycle because sleep is a natural way for your body to heal.

Do not overdo the exercise as it can lead to severe bleeding.

Avoid milk and dairy products as the arachidonic acid they contain may make menstrual cramps worse.

Even if your appetite was crazy at the time – avoid eating what your body needs. You may gain unwanted weight in a very short time!

Don’t miss meals – eat regularly, but don’t overeat and give in to lust

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