Remove The Blackheads On Your Nose With This Simple Remedy


This is a very simple and very effective way to remove the blackheads on
your nose. The best part is, you need 2 ingredients and you probably
have both of them in your home.

Blackheads Remover Remedy

First, you need to start by soaking a small towel in hot water until
it’s nice and warm. Then leave it on your face for a couple of minutes,
this will open up your pores.

After that, in a 1:1 ratio mix baking soda and toothpaste, and add just a
small amount of water. Mix the ingredients until you get an even paste.
Try to avoid-mint based toothpaste, cause it’s strong and might
irritate your eyes.

Now, with a toothbrush, apply the paste on your nose and rub slowly with
a circular motion. Do this for a few minutes, until you get the entire
nose. Finally, wash your face with cold water to shrink the pores.

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