Simple Exercises to Improve Posture and Prevent Hunched Shoulders

Although having a hunched shoulders and bad posture is a bad appearance
for your body, it can also lead to some health issues. To prevent
hunched shoulders and improve your posture, we are giving you the best 6
exercises and stretches.

It’s very important to perform warm up stretches and after workout
stretches to avoid any injury. Also you should also do stretches to
finish this better posture workout routine.

From equipment, you will need dumbbells and counter.

The better posture workout is consisted of three parts:

  • 8 stretches to warm up and prepare your body
  • 6 exercises to prevent possible hunched shoulders and improve your
    posture. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Take a break for about 15
    seconds in between
  • 7 after workout stretches

1# Stretches to warm up

  • Shoulder rolls (20 seconds)
  • Head Nods (20 seconds)
  • Head Turns (20 seconds)
  • Head Tilts (20 seconds)
  • Head Rolls (20 seconds)
  • Small Arm Circles (20 seconds)
  • Big arm Circles (20 seconds)
  • Toe Touch Reach (20 seconds)

2# Toning Posture Workout

  • Tripod Rows (45 seconds each side)
  • Bird Dog (45 seconds)
  • Tripod Fly (45 seconds each side)
  • Modified Back Bow (45 seconds)
  • Up and Over Press (45 Seconds)
  • Bent Over Ventral Raise (45 Seconds)

3# Stretches for Better Posture

  • Front Arm Swings (20 seconds)
  • Toe Touch Reach (20 seconds)
  • Wall Chest Stretch (20 seconds)
  • Overhead Toe Touch (20 seconds)
  • Downward Dog (20 seconds)
  • Cobra Stretch (20 seconds)
  • Child’s Pose (20 seconds)

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