Home is where the heart is. Where you live is a place where you unwind, rejuvenate, and relax. It’s common to routinely clean your home and keep things tidy, as well as dig into the occasional deep clean. But one house chore that’s probably not on your to-do list is checking the expiration dates on your household products. Skipping this step might mean that you’re taking unnecessary risks you’re not even aware of. Take a look at the household products that need to be tossed out once they’ve reached their lifespan. This can get tricky, as some don’t even have a labeled expiration date.

Disposable Razors Are For Three Shaves Only

They may be more convenient than the electric razor alternative, as you don’t have to clean them or make sure they’re charged. But disposable razors can also be a magnet for bacteria, according to research from Infection Control Today.

razor shave

Another precaution is making sure that you don’t over-use these razors past the lifetime they’re intended for. After three shaves, you’re susceptible to skin rashes and irritation. So don’t forget to swap them out or prepare to suffer the consequences.

Toss Your Toothpaste After Two Years

Cosmetic dentist Sean Tomalty says toothpaste is something people don’t even realize can go bad. That’s a shocker because we rely on it to keep our smiles bright and our breath fresh! “After time, toothpaste will become ineffective, and the ingredients will begin to separate and crystalize,” Tomalty explains.

It’s not so much of an immediate threat, as the separation usually happens after two years. If you do happen to wait to use your paste after some time, “You’ll expose yourself to oral conditions and ailments which could become larger health concerns,” says Tomalty.

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