Top 8 Natural Painkillers You Already Have in Your Kitchen

When you feel pain in a certain part of the body do not
immediately resort to analgesics or similar tablets. Learn what  foods
from your kitchen will do the same thing  in a completely natural and
nutritious way.<>




Turmeric helps in  fighting various kinds of inflammation, chronic pain,
back and muscle pain, toothache and arthritis. Also, this spice helps
in successful recover of  tissues and it is excellent for detoxification
and improving overall health. You can add turmeric to various dishes as
well as teas and juices. Turmeric is best combined with black pepper
because  it is most efficient  used  in this way.


This exceptionally balmy root will help in  easing  chronic pain in
joints and arthritis. You can add ginger to different kinds of tea as
well as in various dishes, soups, juices and desserts. Some people are
very sensitive to its taste, so insert it gradually into your diet.


Chili Peppers

The  most beneficial effects of chili are  credited to their main
ingredient – capsaicin. Capsaicin weakens the signal that carries
information that something hurts us. This information is sent from the
body to the brain. Chili peppers successfully treat joint pain,
fibromyalgia, migraines and skin rashes.



Toothache, ear infections and pain caused by arthritis can successfully 
be healed by  garlic. Make homemade garlic oil in the following way:
add three cloves of chopped garlic in tiny pieces into a half cup of
olive oil and leave to simmer on low heat for two minutes. Strain the
mixture and leave it to stand still in the refrigerator for up to two

Thus prepared , boil and gently rub it on the painful joints or muscles.
If you have ear infections, drop two drops of this warm oil into your
aching ear. In case you have a toothache, make a mixture of crushed
garlic and salt. Take a pinch of this mixture  and apply it to the
aching tooth.


Toothache and pain in the gums can be immediately treated with cloves.
The best way to use cloves for toothache is to chew it because  in that
way a powerful ingredient with analgesic effect, called eugenol is
released. If you are not able to  handle the strong and unique clove
flavor, make a strong cloves tea.



This is perhaps the tastiest selection of analgesic, which helps with
arthritis, bone pain and chronic headache. The whole credit for
cherries’ anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects should be  taken by
the antioxidant called anthocyanins.

Cherries abound with anthocyanins. This powerful antioxidant eliminates enzymes that cause tissue inflammation and pain.


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you suffer from stomach acids, mix one teaspoon of apple cider
vinegar in a glass of water and drink it before a meal or drink it
gradually after a meal to avoid acid formation in the stomach. Apple
cider vinegar helps our body to better combust fat and protein, which
actually causes the burning discomfort in the abdomen area.



Blueberries are best natural medicine for treatment and prevention of
infections of the urinary tract. They are very rich in tannin, a natural
organic compound that effectively kills the bacteria that causes
inflammation of the urethra.

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