Unique Ab Workouts for Women

One area that I am always working on is my abs! It takes a
lot of work to develop a strong core, but even after you have a strong
core, you have to work continuously to keep those abs looking great!
That’s why its so important to find different workouts that you love.
I’m a huge fan of Jillian Michaels workout videos. But even those
workouts can get a bit monotonous!

Thank goodness there are so many other workouts for killer abs out there. Check out these great workouts and implement a few of them into your routine for a little variety!


1. 10 Hula Hoop Exercises to a Six Pack

If you are looking for a unique way to exercise, maybe hula hooping is for you! You will love these 10 moves that strengthen your core and upper body!

Hula Hoop your way to a Six Pack

 2. 7 Effective Lower Ab Workouts for Women

Here are some of the most classic and effective workouts for women! Aren’t you curious what the most effective ab workouts are??

Effective exercises for lower abs

3. Exercises to Rock your Core

You know I had to include an awesome Skinny Mom workout. I love how she educates and gives you so many details to help you be successful! Check out the crazy crab twist.

Skinny Mom Ab Exercises

4. Flat Belly Jump Rope Workout

Add in a little cardio and weights to really get working on your belly! This is a strength training workout that you’ll love.

Flat Belly Ab Workout

5. Absolutely Awesome Workout

I can never get enough different ab workouts. Here are 12, yes 12, different workouts! You’ll never get bored with these ABSolutely awesome workout.

Absolutely Awesome Ab Workout

6. 6 Minute Yoga for Better Abs

If you are into yoga, you’ll love that these poses help strengthen your abs, too!

6 minute yoga for strong abs

7. Flatten Your Belly With Yoga

Here is another great yoga workout. This one is a little more intense!! Only take on this workout if you are looking for a good challenge!

Flatten Belly with Yoga

8. Standing Abs Workout

It is so easy to incorporate ab workouts into more cardio-like routines. I love standing ab workouts because you get so much more when you work your core… off the floor! 

The Standing Abs Workout

9. No Crunches Required Ab Workout

25 fun exercises to really work on those abs without
crunches. Yes, crunches can get very monotonous! Keep working that
trouble area with a little variety. I love the use of the exercise balls.

Workout without Crunches

10. 7 Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles

Those dreaded love handles! Another trouble area that takes a lot of work to slim down. These 7 exercises are super focused on the obliques!

Lose your Love Handles

11. Abs with a Chair

 Yes! This is another unique workout to mix things up as you are working your abs. See how all of these workouts use a chair!

Standing Abs with a Chair

12. Celebrity Workout-Kelly Rowland

Love this move! Check out Kelly Rowland’s workout to see how she tones her abs and arms!

Kelly Rowland's Celebrity Workout

Good luck on your fitness journey!

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