Viable Ways to Treat Calluses, Corns, and Cracks on Your Feet

The corns, calluses, and breaks on your feet can happen in
individuals that go through a large portion of the day on their feet or
because of awkward shoes. These conditions aren’t wellbeing unsafe,
however, can be extremely excruciating and terrible. Luckily, there are
powerful ways you can treat corns, splits and calluses at home


1. Put your feet in socks with glycerine 

your feet in socks with some glycerine to dispose of calluses and dry
skin. Simply blend 50ml of glycerine with 10 drops of smelling salts.
Apply this blend on your feet around evening time, and put on your
socks. Rehash this technique multiple times to see the outcomes. 

2. Use paraffin to make your feet delicate 

paraffin to saturate your feet and dispose of dead cells. In a major
bowl, consolidate same measure of wax (paraffin) and mustard oil, and
afterward placed it in the microwave until it’s dissolved. Dunk your
foot in the wax, wrap the feet with polyethylene film and a towel.
Following 20 minutes, take the wax off and utilize a nail record to
clean the calluses. You can apply your customary smoothing cream

3. Absorb your feet lemon juice 

powerful technique will make your skin delicate and help expel splits
from your heels in only 5 days. You simply need to grind one lemon.
Apply the ground lemon on your calluses and keep it on for 15 minutes.
Repeat this strategy for a few days to see the outcomes. 


4. salt and chamomile tea foot shower 

stunning foot shower is exceptionally powerful to treat corns and
breaks on your feet. Simply drop a bunch of Epsom salt into a foot
shower of hot chamomile tea. Drench your feet for something like 10
minutes, at that point evacuate the corns and calluses with a pumice

5. Use mustard oil and licorice glue 

unusual, yet viable strategy can enable you to battle disease. Granulate
a few licorice sticks into a fine powder, include a large portion of a
teaspoon of mustard oil to make a glue. Apply the glue specifically onto
the corns and wrap with a swathe medium-term. Rehash this technique for
3-4 times to see the outcomes.

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